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Memo to Duaner Sanchez


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Something is wrong with Duaner. His best fastball is topping out at 88-89. Earlier in the year he was throwing 92 and even got to 94. In this game it looks like he's throwing "junk" to compensate, relying on changeups and sliders more. He couldn't get an out with a 6 run lead and nobody out. And with his horrible outing in the first game of the Philly series, I'm starting to wonder whether he has a tired arm or something else is bothering him. He missed a year and a half, so it would not come as a shock to me if he just does not have it for the long haul this season.

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Good job by Heilman and Feliciano to control the damage caused by Sanchez's ineffectiveness. There is a little problem with this team... there is no clear cut, very good 8th inning man. Sanchez is a concern, Heilman has had troubles this year but looks good right now. They will either have to go situational, with no eigth inning man, or trade for someone (Brian Fuentes is available). Joe Smith is to valuable as a situational guy when they need a ground ball, IMO, to be relegated to that role. To me, I'm exploring getting Fuentes or another bullpen arm by the trade deadline.


It only makes sense. We invested 4 prospects and over $100 million in Johan, but we have a bullpen that is wasting his good starts. It's a wasted investment if the bullpen can't protect leads afforded to them.

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