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Whatcha think about Chris Davis? Merely a fill in? From what I've read, he's one of those low contact, high power types.

Chris Davis is the man! Dude was drafted in '06 and just tore it up. I was hoping they would wait till later in the year to call him up but he just forced his way on to the big league roster. He got better after every promotion, from power numbers to batting average. He strikes out a lot, but he's a young power hitter so thats not uncommon.




I gotta say, the kids are getting me excited. Hurley, Max Ramirez, Davis. All 3 coming up and helping the team win.



My only worry is the "problem" at catcher. Salty is the prize but Ramirez is making a play to get more time and the best of the group might turn out to be Taylor Teagarden, who's still at AA I believe.


Salty needs to put up numbers.

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