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Hey Lorf

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Thanks for Kason Gabard and David murphy.


Gabbard - 7 shutout innings vs Angels


Murphy batting .429 (I know it's early)


Hey VG, thanks for Eric Gagne.




[Edit] Thanks for nothing!





But still, yah, nobody denied that these were quality 100% American prospects (except for Engel Beltre, who will probably make this deal even sweeter for you). Seriously, it doesn't matter if these guys even pan out, you won that trade by a lot. David Murphy has a big mouth. Wide.

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yeah sorry about gagne, I can't understand how he fell apart, he was pretty damn good for us.





I'm not completely sold on Gabbard, he has arm troubles and I've heard him say almost casually that it may plague him his entire career. But so far so good. But Murphy, he looks like the real deal, he's picking up right where he left off last year.





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