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Pelfrey Gets 5th Starter Job


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Yes, Pelfrey will win. I expect him to win about 5 games in the first half. We have an outstanding defense that will help him, and a lineup that will support him. I know he has not been impressive this spring, to say the least. But now the games matter. Last year he showed he belonged, and proved in the second half that he can be an effective pitcher. Anyone who has seen him pitch first hand knows the stuff is there. That sinking fastball is a great pitch. I think at times he will struggle, but he will have good starts as well. At best, I expect his ERA in the low 4.00 range, at worst, 5.00. I am on the Pelfrey bandwagon and believe that this season is not a complete success concerning preparing this team for the future unless the club stays with Pelfrey over El Duque in a starting role. We can save El Duque and maybe late in the year he can give us some big starts. But now it's Pelfrey's time.

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