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Rangers vs. Capitals


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Too close tonight for my liking although I'll take the "W" anytime, was at the game & these were my observations:


- As underrated as I'm certian he is without Marek Malik in the lineup it's like the Rangers defensemen look lost, as far as I'm concerned he really might be our best defenseman when it comes to leadership & other intangiables (we know he isn't the most gifted athelete but he does what it takes to get the job done). Should definatley be wearing an "A".


- Albeit it only came from one player (Holleweg), the Rangers did something tonight that I haven't seen them do in awhile..... they forechecked & hit the opposing defensemen. As a defenseman I can tell you that it's distracting as hell when you know that you've got a guy breathing down your neck who is going to hit you when you get the puck.


- Fedor Tyutin should be ashamed of his performance tonight, falling down twice (once resulting in a goal, the other resulting in a breakaway) was not a way to display you prowess when Ovechkin is on the ice. Both he and Tom Poti need to play with more of a physical presence, defensemen shouldn't (no matter what their size) allow the opposing fowards to push them off of the puck.


- Ovechkin is this good now (by that I mean easily as talented as Jagr).... I'll be really fucking scared when he gets some talent around him, between him & the kid drafted immediatley after him (Malkin of the Pens) there are going to be some outstanding talents in the Eastern Conference next year.


- Dianius Zubrus was his usual pain-in-the-Rangers-ass self, one of those guys who only scores about 18 goals a season but seems to always save his best when playing against the Rangers. Must come from being an ex-Flyer, there are a few of these guys out there around the league.... any Rangers fan worth his salt knows who they are & just prays that they don't have that much of an outcome on the game.


- Good to see Petr Prucha get a goal & an assist tonight, keeping his hand hot will pay dividends the closer we get to the post-season.


- Jagr's goal was a thing of beauty, chanting "MVP!" never seems to get old this season. I have to admit though I still think that something (either his groin or his hip) is bothering him.... his skating just looks like it has a hitch in it.... unnatural like, it just doesn't look as smooth & fluid as it should.


Anyhow, good win.... Let's Go Rangers!!! :rock:

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