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  1. You can download the entire game (the NFL Replay version) from Itunes for 2.99. I also downloaded all the playoffs games.
  2. Ok now thats over with, lets win a Super Bowl! :rock:
  3. So how do you explain Ravens winning in 2000 with Trent Dilfer, Bucs winning with Brad Johnson/Griese? I somewhat agree with you that the QB position is the most important but I look at it as a whole package...without a good offensive line a QB can only do so much... When Carolina played NE in the superbowl I thought they were going to kill Brady with that front 4...but I couldn't believe how good the NE no name Offensive line was...he had ALL DAY to throw...don't underestimate the offensive line's impact and its sad to see so many teams do that. Every hall off fame QB/team had strong/excellent offensive lines. Bradshaw in Pittsburgh Montana with the 49ers (until the 1990 Championship game).. Aikman with the Cowboys. Brady and Patriots
  4. http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/6334898 Michael Rosenberg / Special to FOXSports.com Posted: 1 hour ago Congratulations, Giants fans! Your team is in the playoffs. And do you know what this means? That's right! You have to watch this team for one more week! Has there ever been a less satisfying NFL playoff team than these Giants? They are 8-8, tied for the worst record ever among playoff teams. And that might be the best thing you can say about them. What is the worst you could say? It's a five-way tie between ... 1. They lost six of the final eight games. 2. Their best player, Tiki Barber, is about to retire in the prime of his career. He is only 31. 3. Their franchise quarterback, Eli Manning, appears to be regressing. 4. The players they traded for that quarterback play important roles for what appears to be the best team in the league. Philip Rivers, Shawne Merriman and Nate Kaeding are doing just fine in San Diego, thank you. 5. The window of opportunity for this group of Giants is widely believed to be closing. And the man who put them together, Ernie Accorsi, is about to retire. The Giants earned their spot in the playoffs by squeaking past a finished Redskins team Saturday night. Even Manning has admitted that the way the Giants have played, you would think they would be finished by now, The Giants had Super Bowl aspirations at the start of the year. Now they don't even look like they can win one playoff game. And even if they do, what would that mean? The Giants' first opponent, the Eagles, were left for dead after Donovan McNabb got hurt. If Eli Manning leads New York to a squeaker over Jeff Garcia, who looked washed-up a year ago, does that make the season a success? A Giants win would also have other implications: it might just save Tom Coughlin's job, and there isn't much evidence that his job is worth saving. For the second half of this season, Coughlin appeared to have lost his team. Normally, the next step for a coach is to lose his job. In this era of expanded postseasons in every sport, we have seen a lot of mediocre or listless teams make the playoffs. But the NFL is not supposed to be like the NBA or NHL. Making the NFL playoffs is supposed to mean something. It is supposed to be an achievement. The Giants' postseason berth doesn't feel like an achievement, unless you are the kind of person who goes home from the beach proud that you didn't drown. Imagine if the NFC actually had several really good teams. (I apologize for taxing your imagination here — if you get a headache, send me the bill for the Tylenol.) The Giants would have been left out of the playoffs, just like almost every other 8-8 team in NFL history. And, considering the expectations last summer, the season would have been considered an utter failure. Instead, the Giants get to live for another week. Maybe even two. And then Giants fans can mourn the departure of Barber, or hope he changes his mind. Barber sounds set on his decision, and for good reason, If anybody thinks Barber is crazy for retiring so early, I have one question: have you ever watched an NFL game up close — from the really good seats or the sideline? I have. The athleticism is breathtaking, but so is the violence. There is a reason so many 50-something NFL players can barely walk. The human body is not meant to take this much pounding into its 30s. Barber is almost certainly gone. So are the Giants. Especially this line...but we all know that already....
  5. Thats because they are completely shocked that they actually made the playoffs and now they are speechless...totally wasn't what they expected and now don't know what to do...lol.
  6. It should be Drew Brees, not Tomlinson (as good as he is) for MVP.
  7. yeah man...he screwed the entire franchise with the eli trade probably for years..
  8. Wait first it was the coach and now its the players? Which one is it...both? neither? Mike after the Eagles loss said that this team had a bad core..and I agree with him. UP and down, up down, no consistency to them...strange team...too much Fassell still in this team...
  9. Wow thats some mighty talk coming from these guys...but I guess thats why they play the game... Now if only our guys can use this as an extra motivation that would be nice...where is the NY media on this? Anything the Giants say is big front page...
  10. Forget about support, if you are a fan you will always support this team no matter what...you don't always have to watch but still support and cheer em on whenever you can and whenever possible...having said that... Who here thinks we are going to win? What are your predictions? What do we have to do beat Philly and conversely what do you think they'd have to do to beat us? If I was Philly I'd stack the line and dare the Eli and the passing offense to beat them... Now for the rest of the NFC/AFC wild card weekend... SAT, JAN 6 Kansas City at Indianapolis Dallas at Seattle SUN, JAN 7 NY Jets at New England NY Giants at Philadelphia Let it all out...
  11. Yeah thats right...damn...we play Seattle then...and I think they are very beatable. Its actually a good scenario , Dallas and Philly cancel each other and winner of that game plays NO.
  12. Interesting you say that, Collinsworth was saying the same thing when they started taking a knee... Something along the lines of "wanting to avoid the Pisarcik and Csonka moment..."
  13. Chicago?? If we make it that is...nothing is guaranteed yet there is still a 20% chance we won't make it.
  14. yeah I have to agree with some parts, the calling and the defensive play has been questionable at times...but the NFL is a "what have you done for me lately" league and if the Giants make the playoffs Coughlin just accomplished what hasn't been done since 1989 and 1990 seasons...and the front office would be mighty hard pressed to get red of this guy.
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