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Bedard to the Mets rumors picking up steam


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Just rumors floating around on WFAN and metsblog. Also rumors of Tejada coming over in the trade. That would possibly mean that Reyes might be a goner. I don't think Tejada will be coming here. I don't want him. A just for Bedard trade includes Gomez, Mulvay, Church and Humber. Supposedly Chuch is a key piece to this trade, where they wanted him over Milledge.

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like I said before, the orioles are really, really dumb, but not dumb enough to accept the mets half ass prospects for the best pitcher in baseball....oh yes, bedard is better than santana.


Dodgers have offered Matt Kemp and Jonathon Broxton for Bedard and that blows away any offer the Mets could think of unless they add Jose Reyes to it. Dan Haren to DBacks...Mets are dumb

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