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So we have to run on 3rd and 5 now.... thanks eli


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Running the ball on 3rd and 5 from midfield basically saying "Eli we don't trust you anymore".
If the qb has to run, I believe that we should use the Pillsbury Doughboy as our qb. His size would help the Giants to make 5 yards or more. Let's permit Opie to sit on his ass on the bench and watch a real running qb show him how to do it. ELI SUCKS AND SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE GAME. His replacement could not be worse than him.


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Its obvious Opie is one of those comfort/groove type guys. If he is comfortable and is on a roll, then he can't be stopped....but if he is not....then he can have guys wide open and he won't see it. They need a mediocre veteran QB to at least tutor him a little bit on the modern game. I don't know but something has got to give.

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