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Interesting Stats for Minnesota


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Everyone knows that Minnesota's rush defense is the best in the league. But here's some other stats for you related to their pass defense:


Minnesota opponents have 411 pass attempts against them, second most in the NFL.


Despite the above stat, their leading sacker has only 4.5 sacks.


Additionally, they only have 9 INTs on the season which ranks 20th in the NFL.


Their pass completion % allowed is 65%, which is 6th highest in the NFL.


They allow the MOST yards through the air per game in the NFL at 288 yards per game!


Their opponents QB rating collectively on the season is 89.3, which is 10th highest in the NFL.


Interestingly, though, they are 14th in the NFL (about middle of the pack) in TD passes allowed.


All this says is we should be airing it out all day against them, but keep them honest with the run, of course. They seem to bend but don't break in the passing game, but we'll break 'em!

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I did another check and the sack stat I gave is a little misleading. You might believe from that that they don't generate much of a pass rush, however, they have 24 sacks on the season, with ranks tied for 12th in the NFL, so a little better than the league median. Guess who has the most? :TU:

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WHen suff like this is pounded home by the media it usually means ELI wll throw for 150 and Droughns wll run for 120.


Case in point, if I read one more article that said that the Giants were looking to exploit the weak Dallas secondary deep two weeks ago I was going to puke. Did that happen? Of course not because everyone said it would.

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