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For what its worth


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Mike Mayock(the resident college guy and NFL networks version of Mel Kiper)said on tonights episode when talking about tomorrow feature on the LB class in this years draft that "this draft is the deepest at the LB position that he has seen in years".


Something to think about when speculating what the Giants might do in terms of the back 7 this off season.

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Okay. New quote, old thought. This isn't a suprise, we've known this is a deep draft for linebackers since....a while.



I know that, what my point was is that Mayock(whom by the way said in 04 ELI Manning was the top rated player, not only QB in the draft)said this. I for one have found Mayocks analysis and player evaluations to be quite good. What I was mentioning(sorry if you did not understand)is that Mayock on Total Access Friday would be reviewing the linebackers. I have always liked Mayocks analysis and he has been quite good in evaluating talent. Not to mention he was an ex-Giant ;)

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