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Rangers vs. Devils


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I kid you not about this shit!



Game Information

Arena: Continental Airlines Arena <<<<<< ORLY!?!?!?!?!

Location: East Rutherford, New Jersey <<<<< Are you sure ESPN?!?!?

Attendance: 17,625 (92.6% full) <<<< :lol:


New location???? Same old results!!!! :LMAO:


4-2 victory, Brodiver's attempt at 500..... denied!!!


BTW, congrats to Marc Staal for a beautiful 1'st NHL goal!

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Ever since Avery came back. The team has been sluggish without him but the defense has been good all season except a few blips. The first and second lines have not really got going yet. I am sure they will get hot.


Well they still have to build chemistry what with Gomez and Jagr playing together for the first time ever. They have different styles. But Lundqvist has been a beast.

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I really hate the Devils and their mullet wearing, twinkie slurpin fans. Love that we finally turned the tables on that swamp ass team.


Yeah, they act like Brodeur is the guy he was 10 years ago. Right now, Lundqvist is the better goaltender. Career wise, yes Brodeur's talent can not be denied, but right now, if I needed to win one game today, I'd pick Lundqvist.

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