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That was a silly post. Of course, he'll come in and gloat a little and then to make things worse, he'll be slightly dignified which is even more insulting.


They're a better team right now and I don't see them losing unless it's due to injury. Never the less, I don't see any way that they'll beat the Pats and so it'll be fun to watch Tom and Randy crush Tony and Terrell. What could be more enjoyable than watching Dallas add another SB loss to its record: better them than us and I don't forsee any way possible for them to defeat the Pats, not even with their talent.


Secretly, I admire Romo for his ability to come out of nowher and make something of himself; it's somewaht more captivating than Eli's annointed spot; something that baffles me. If only we had a Derek Anderson or a Romo. Instead we have been saddled with Eli; what's worse the QB carousel we had in the early to mid-90's or the solidified position we have with our over-priced underachiever?

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I don't want to hear your shit today...... :brooding:

BadEgg is tryna 'hook up'......I see his game all the way from over here. :rolleyes::LMAO:




Quote: For some reason, you have a negative opinon of me and the Cowboys, Jerseygiantfan. So, I'll tell you what. Come to Texas Stadium with me, and watch a real team play with a real football fan, and your entire perspective will change. You can thank me later... Un-Quote


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