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Last Year's Giants and Cowboys Game


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Anybody watch the game when Bledsoe was pulled for Romo and Arrington's career ended. The best part was that Strahan did the line up announcement and called Corey "Spiderman" (or something similar) Webster. I thought that was funny considering how he isn't going to be around for much longer. Can't wait for Sunday 4:00PM and keeping fingers crossed that the Giants are for real this year. :rock:

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Nah... Comcast is being really retarded. They took NFL Network without a moment's notice and added it to a Sports Package. I'm currently watching my FSU Seminoles get their asses handed to them by VT. :brooding:


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY Now maybe Time Warner can add NFL NETWORK and this whole, ME NOT GETTING NFL NETWORK UNLESS I BUY A DISH WILL END. I hope this will be in place before the last game of the year.



sorry dragon now you have to buy it ....


How much is it now if you order the sports package? and how long has Comcast had it in a sports package now a few months??? a few days? I hope the NFL don't pull it from them . did Comcast notify you that they were going to do this? like send you an Email?



this is the hope I have so far


New deal would allow customers to view games on a per-game basis



Austin, TX -


Time Warner Cable (TWC) today has made yet another attempt to strike a deal with the NFL Network over games the NFL Network pulled from the air. The newest offer includes allowing customers the chance to view the games on a per-game basis, and would also allow the NFL Network to keep all revenue it makes from what it charges customers to watch the games.


Though the NFL Network has ignored reasonable terms to date, including insisting on a $750 million price tag to air eight regular season games that would otherwise have been free, TWC today hopes this latest offer will be the solution that the NFL Network chooses to keep games on the air.


“We are not only trying to protect the interests of our customers, we’re also trying to find a solution for the sports fans that the NFL Network has let down,” says Ron McMillan, Regional Vice President of Governmental Affairs for Time Warner Cable in Texas. “They’re making a bad call in denying fans the chance to watch the games they want.”


The biggest challenge in ongoing negotiations has been the NFL Network’s unprecedented demand to be included in every TWC customer’s basic cable package. Rather than carry programming on the sports tier, where programming from every other major sports league including the NBA and NHL is located, the NFL Network wants all customers to pay for premium programming regardless of whether customers want it or not.


In contrast, TWC maintains that offering specialized sports programming on a sports tier ensures that only the customers who want the programming will have to pay for it. “It’s unfair to expect every TWC customer – even those who aren’t fans – to pay a premium for a few games that are aired for free in other markets,” says McMillan.


Further, a legal standard was already established in a similar dispute this summer when a court ruled that NFL Network programming could be carried on Comcast’s sports tier. The situation unfolding between TWC and the NFL Network is no different and should be decided in the same manner.


“We hope today’s offer to allow NFL Network programming on a per-game basis continues our good faith efforts in ongoing negotiations,” says McMillan. “If the NFL Network truly has their fans interests at heart, they’ll accept this solution.”



but I dont want just a per-game choice I want to see the whole NFL network all the shows they have (except the one's where the lick Romo's balls)

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Shaw has had it since it came out and I actually watch the NFL Network somewhat often (regular TV blows anyway). The game actually doesn't show up as an NFL game but as Point After (I think) for some reason. It's nice that the Giants are getting lots of coverage for once, for 1 week anyway.

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Lug, I tried to turn on NFL Network one day a few months ago and it was just gone. I was like, "WTF?" and when I called Comcast and they just said that it was a part of a Sports Package. I completely neglected to ask them how much it was, but they didn't seem to want to tell me why they moved it or why they didn't notify ANYONE of the move.

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