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...if a top ranked college team struggles with an unranked team but squeaks out a win in the end they are still considered a top ranked team that "finds ways to win games" BUT in the NFL, if an elite team struggles with a lesser opponent they are no longer considered as great as everybody thought.


It goes the complete opposite too. If a top ranked college teams loses to an unworthy opponent, they drop and have no right playing for a championship, but in the NFL if the Colts or Patriots were to lose to the Bills or Dolphins, sportscasters would just chalk it up as a bad day and still consider the Colts and Patriots in Super Bowl talks.


My point is, why are amateur athletes in college expected to remain perfect in order to win championships but professional athletes are allowed to have bad days. Seems kind of backwards to me.

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I think the problem with college football is the combination of an overwhelming number of teams and the needs of the students education before sports.


I think it's ridiculous to put that much pressure on school athletics. Now high school football is getting nationwide coverage. I wonder how long it will take before there is nationwide pressure on Pop Warner players to be perfect.

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