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Delgado is day to day, and Pedro Threw 81 pitches and feels fine!!!

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Delgado's : SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Carlos Delgado traveled to Florida on Friday to have his injured left elbow examined by the New York Mets medical staff.






The Mets first baseman has tendinitis, which kept him out of the Puerto Rico lineup in the World Baseball Classic first round.


"He's day to day. He's feeling better," Puerto Rico general manager Lou Melendez said. "He went to Port St. Lucie so the Mets doctors can check him."


Delgado was scheduled to return to Puerto Rico on Friday night. He will practice with the team on Saturday, according to manager Jose Oquendo.


Oquendo hopes Delgado will be in the lineup in the second round, which begins Sunday and includes Cuba, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic.


"We hope he can do something tomorrow. We'll see how he feels after he does some hitting work in practice," Oquendo said.


Martinez's: PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. -- New York Mets right-hander Pedro Martinez threw 81 pitches off a mound during a bullpen session Saturday as he continues to recover from a right toe injury.


"It felt pretty good," Martinez said. "The results are great. I didn't throw too many at once. It's not time yet. It's just time to work."


Martinez took three breaks during the session in what he said was an attempt to better simulate an actual game.


He threw 62 pitches off a mound Wednesday, had a long toss session Thursday and took Friday off.


"I really have to work to get used to the mound and throw pitches around the plate," he said. "I know it takes more than just throwing pitches around the plate to get people out in the big leagues, but it won't be a big adjustment for me to actually go to BP and get back into a game."


He is still feeling his way through his pitching motion, though, seeing how his toe reacts each day.


"There is going to be a little this and that any time you go to the mound," he said. "It's not always just the shoe, sometimes my toe is sore, my shoulder is tingling and my elbow is sore. Something always happens. You go on and have great games."


It is still uncertain if Martinez will be ready for Opening Day. Left-hander Tom Glavine's schedule has been changed so he can start in case Martinez is not ready.


Martinez has never been this far behind in spring training, but he isn't fazed.


"I'm not worried," he said. "If I can recognize the mound, I can recognize the mound."



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