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Would someone KILL Chipper Jones


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Weren't you the person who didnt like my idea and throwing one in his ear........ Fuck it shoot him instead.



Me, I doubt it. If I said otherwise I was probably being a smart ass.


Someone in the Mets clubhouse just needs to scream "AREN'T WE FUCKING TIRED


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I hate this motherfucker more than cauliflower and lima beans

combined, you just know he will ALWAYS get a big hit against the Mets.

ALWAYS. Jesus Christ.



I'm sorry. I'm still at work, but when I get off I'll handle the situation immediately.

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Carlos Delgado after driving Jose Reyes to cut the deficit to two,

the Mets play "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. The Mets need to get a

DJ, someone who was born after 1975 and black.

we have the worst DJ in all the majors. the music at shea is so annoying, same with those pump up videos.


we better make some changes to game music when we get Citi field.

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