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Papelbon to close after all


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A new topic for the Red Sox forum! :clap:


I wasn't looking for this move at all, but it really makes a lot of sense. He's an unknown commodity as a starter, but we know what he can do in this role, and they need to fill it badly. I was kinda hoping they'd give Gabbard a shot at the fifth starter spot, but apparently it's gonna be Tavarez.

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he can do this for a year and next year when Mariano is so pissed at the Yanks for not giving him an extension earlier he can go to the rotation when the Sox sign MO.






















J/k :P

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Why all the negativity? To tell you the truth, I was irate when I first heard the news just because I loved the potential of that rotation, but truth be told, our 1-2-3 of Schilling, Beckett, and Matsuzaka has looked amazing this spring and the possibility of having a franchise closer, a Rivera or Hoffman type, is too big to ignore. Tavarez, as a sinkerballer, should perform adequately enough so long as Lugo doesn't throw to the stands. Pedroia has won minor league defensive awards, albeit for shortstop, but should do fine. The 1-2 punch of should've been gold glove winner Mike Lowell and underrated defensively Kevin Youkilis should help. But yah, Papelbon back at close will solidify the entire bullpen and I'm really looking forward to hearing his name called in the ninth inning for years to come. In terms of health, he's on the same page as Mariano Rivera in that neither will be pitching multiple innings.

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