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Arrington Part II?


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Arrington Part II?By David Syvertsen | February 26th, 2007Print | E-mail


Adalius Thomas - Fannation.com

With FA just days away, it appears that the Giants strategy is becoming clear. That strategy is to make a splash, a huge splash despite the weak FA market that seems to lose a top tier player to the franchise tag every other day. The two names that are being connected to the Giants from strong and reliable sources are OLB Adalius Thomas and CB Nate Clements. The talk from the combine has escalated to the point where it almost appears as if one of these guys will certainly be a Giant within the upcoming month.


As well all know, Reese has been anything but shy when it comes to talking to the media about the team’s plans. It seems that he gives us something to write about on a daily basis with his talk concerning the targets on top of his board. It appears that from what I read and hear that the front office will opt to choose a DB in round 1, most likely a CB. Therefore I do not see Clements and his probable $8+ million per season salary a viable option when you look at our depth chart at OLB where we currently have Gerris Wilkinson who was deactivated for the playoff game and Reggie Torbor who is a decent special teamer at best. Giants are ready to make a serious offer to the 30 year old Thomas according to reports and with the Ravens showing that they do not want to shell out huge money for him, you have to think it is a legit possibility.


What would Thomas bring to the table? Well, for one he would be the physically imposing presence that was needed down the stretch for us this past season that would take pressure and attention of our Pro Bowler in the middle, Antonio Pierce. Thomas is stout against the run that not only holds his ground against enormous offensive linemen, but he pushes blockers backwards to create space and make plays on the ball. He is also a supreme pass rusher from the OLB position that shows great burst off the ball and can run down almost anyone from behind. So we know he is great in the box, that must mean he would be yet another liability in coverage, correct? Wrong. Thomas is widely regarded as one of the top cover LB’s in the league and reminds me of Brian Urlacher the way he drops into zone and can stick onto a tight end or running back. His ability to do it all will bring this defense to another level and come to think of it, he is exactly what we were hoping Lavar Arrington could be, but even better.



Id take that

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Nem's right, Thomas is getting too old for those huge numbers hes asking for in his contract. If we have to overpay for someone, I'd do it for Clements. Its much harder to find talent in draft. Hopefully we sign Clements and Napoleon Harris and then draft an OLB.

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