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I guess this is why I like Reese so much.


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Read this this morning (Pro Football Talk, take it with a grain)


I also read rumors on BBI that we might be trying to trade him to KC. Whether that happens, I don't know. I have read his agents are supposedly going in to Giants land for a visit.


Then I remembered this. I recall taking some grief from this, including being called "shit for brains." But let's look at the list so far (and we haven't even reached training camp):


Emmons (well, who couldn't see this one coming?)


Pettigout (but I was thinking this was happening next season, so consider it a push if you'd like)

Morton (and not Derrick Ward--at least not to this point)

Strahan(? Although I hope that things don't wind up this way--I was hoping he'd retire.)


Cuts that probably won't happen until training camp and we have replacements, assuming they happen at all:





Things that probably won't happen this year:

Joseph (I think this his final year of his rookie contract anyway)

Torbor (I know they'll probably tender him, but I think that might just be a function of LB depth being so thin this coming season. [Right now, we have Pierce, Wilkinson, Blackburn, and Torbor] Next year may be different.)

Hasselbeck (too many holes elsewhere to go QB hunting--I'd be really surprised if this happens this offseason)


Ones that were written in in-season rage and I knew weren't happening:

Shockey (He's still one of the stupidest pro-bowlers I've ever seen, but he isn't going anywhere.)

Burress (if for no other reason than he manages to stay on the field and catch the ball--something our other wide receivers aren't able to say.)


I was flat-out wrong:



I have to admit there's a little "I told you so" in this post (am I still shit for brains, USP?), but this also shows that there is some serious shaking up being done to this team. The 2007 edition isn't going to be the Giants we've grown used to--for better or worse.


It will be interesting to see what happens by the end of August. This off-season is shaping up to be pretty freakin' pivotal.

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