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  1. 1. Who will be most remembered?

    • Gary Cohen
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This is the official Gary Cohen Fan Club Thread. It is totally necessary to have and probably should be pinned just because Gary Cohen is so much of the man.


I need my Gary Cohen fix- the season needs to start now. I know you all feel the same.


:worshippy: Gary Cohen :worshippy:



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I was watching SNY just a little while ago, and they had a countdown of the top 10 games from the 2006 season. One of them was a game in which Beltran hit a walk off homer in the 16th, and Cohen screamed, "We're going home!!!" I thought to myself, "Gary Cohen is the man of men!"


Can't wait for the season to begin. How many days 'til pitchers and catchers? :confused:

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Michael Kay should kiss Gary Cohen's feet. I love listening to Cohen.


I like Kay's radio show, but as a broadcaster, Cohen wipes his ass with him. Michael Kay's home run call is blatantly premeditated.


"See ya!!!"


Please... I wonder how many sleepless nights it took him to think of that one. He reminds me of that "Slamalamadingdong" commercial starring Joe Buck.


Cohen just sounds more natural, and genuinely excited about doing what he does. "We're going home!!!" was a great call, and there is no way in hell he could have premeditated that.


Fuck the Yankees anyway. That's right, I'm starting early. :evilgrin:

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I have been a fan of his since he started calling Mets games on FAN. Top notch info and discussion, paints a good picture, great voice which leads to great calls. I started a similar thread last year. One should be made each year.

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