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The Greatest Lineup

Blue Jeans

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Today, versus the Cardinals in the first Spring Training game Williw experimented with this lineup, which gave the Mets a 9-0 lead within two innings, before he started taking players out. Since all I know is the box score, homeruns, and lineup I don't know any other details. But sitting in school looking at the box score I was amazed to see the score in the second inning.

This was the lineup Willie tested today:


1. SS Jose Reyes

2. CF Carlos Beltran

3. 1B Carlos Delgado

4. 3B David Wright

5. LF Xavier Nady

6. RF Victor Diaz

7. C Ramon Catsro

8. 2B Kaz Matsui

9. DH Tike Redman


With some minor alterations (Floyd starting left, and with a good jump today, Nady starting at right, with Lo Duca catching) this is a very capable lineup.


The rundown for the first two innings-

Reyes tripled off the wall, Beltran RBI single, Delgado singled, Wright popped out, Nady RBI single, Diaz popped out, Castro doubled, Matsui struck out…

Redman tripled, Reyes reached on an error, Beltran struck out, Delgado singled, Wright walked, Nady hit a grand slam, Diaz struck out, Castro singled and Matsui struck out…



Now it's 9-7, but who cares. I don't care if it's Spring Training either, I think the Reyes, Beltran, Delgado, Wright lineup should be the way to go.

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