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  1. I'd really hate to see toomer go... cuz the guys an all time giant... and im amazed at the season he had last year... shut up all the critics..
  2. Who do you think will get the cut this coming june 1st? Everyone is so nervous that we're done with Free Agency... we havent even reached the june 1 cuts yet... any opinions? i know you guys have them
  3. How are you so sure... none of us have seen him(jacobs) complete a full drive in the NFL and you people are talking about who is and who isnt the answer? gimme a break :brooding:
  4. wow when you bring the news... you really bring it
  5. ovechkin is badass and snowy got owned....oh yea... they beat the devils AGAIN =P .... im not expecting much but its good to see that many of the players that have resigned with the isles still have heart in their game
  6. Yea im goin to the game tues night for the devils rematch.... i have a feeling the devils are gonna get punked out
  7. Isles took it to em' hard tonight boys.... im sorry
  8. If the giants thought he could come back he wouldntve been released....
  9. True but who thought that "old" guy would bounce back from a serious injury and kick ass up and down the field all season? Not me
  10. Im not getting my hopes up... but a man can dream cant he?
  11. LINK Jets part ways with Fiedler, Law, Fabini NFL.com wire reports HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (Feb. 22, 2006) -- The New York Jets slashed their payroll by parting with Pro Bowl cornerback Ty Law and cutting a host of other veterans, including quarterback Jay Fiedler, offensive tackle Jason Fabini and fullback Jerald Sowell. The team is millions of dollars over the salary cap and must be at or under the salary cap by March 3, the opening day of free agency. Ty Law's tenure with the Jets was short, but sweet. The Jets have been negotiating with quarterback Chad Pennington, who twice in the past two years had rotator cuff surgery, in an attempt to reduce his cap number. New York has shaken up its staff and is trying to rebuild under new coach Eric Mangini. These latest moves came a day after the Jets designated defensive end John Abraham their franchise player, although they might try to trade him. Also cut were three reserves: linebacker Barry Gardner, defensive tackle Lance Legree and wide receiver Harry Williams Jr. The Jets and Law agreed to not exercise contract options for the next three seasons that were part of the deal when he signed last year. The 32-year-old cornerback spent his first 10 seasons with New England and tied for the NFL lead with 10 interceptions last season. "We were very fortunate to have a player of Ty's caliber in 2005," general manager Mike Tannebaum said. "Ty is a warrior and a class act and we appreciate his contributions this past season." Fiedler, who signed with the team last season, injured his shoulder seven plays after Pennington was hurt in the third game last season and did not play again. Fabini and Sowell are longtime starters -- Fabini started his first 114 games at offensive tackle until he tore a chest muscle Nov. 18 and was lost for the season. Sowell played for nine seasons.
  12. DOOM


    This a transition year for them much the 2003-2004 was a transitional year for NYG well see what happens with the isles next year.. ive been to many of their games this year and at time they play like a playoff team, and there are other times where they look like trash....consistancy is the game in the NHL hopefully theyll come around next year
  13. Agreed. Unfortunately when we brought Emmons here, along with him came damaged merchandise (his made of glass body)
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