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  1. I was loving this signing until I saw this..... http://khanhdom.com/?page.id=1000190&t...p=brandonjacobs. Yes I understand that it's Brandon Jacobs, but still he looked pretty bad.
  2. Here is a video (hope you like rap) with a lot of players for your game. I could name most of the colored pictures. The black and wjite one...."not su mush" (Borat) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dvjZJ0JoQY&NR
  3. I saw some pictures and was wondering who they were?
  4. Hey man, can you show me how to make an avatar like yours? I know that it is probably common knowledge but I liked the "Balling" one so much that I decided that I was finally going to ask someone to teach me.
  5. Although we have three players that are definately out, our list is not half as long as Jacksonville's: http://www.giants.com/gameday/Injuries.asp
  6. UMMMM Eli overthrowing receivers and Webster decided that prancing around the field like a fairy would be more entertaining than playing defense. I would rather have had "RUDY" out there.
  7. Woops....I thought that Castillo was a DT. Hes a LE
  8. How about Chad Morton and Justin Tuck for Luis Castillo and Donnie Edwards
  9. I was impressed with him also, although I did not like how he was ran over bu Barlow!
  10. I am requesting for someone to design a Voltron with Strahan as the head, Osi as the right arm, Pierce the left arm, Arrington as the right foot, Tuck/Kiwanuka/Emmons (you choose, I know that you may not find too many pictures of these guys) as the left foot, and Gibril and Demps dangling off of the wings. I know it sounds crazy but I think it woud be a cool sig
  11. And does anyone have a clip of that? As a kid, that play happened as I was just begining to understand the game of football. So because of it my love for football grew as well as my appretiation for the New York Giants. So if anyone has a clip of that stuff please share. Thank You
  12. Greisen signs with Jacksonville
  13. If we do end up with Arrington, should we trade up for Santonio Holmes or Chad Jackson? Possibly a DT?
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