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Yanks lose two straight to the O's


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Well, you never know...you probably would have said the same thing for Leiter's first start against Boston in Fenway last year after we had already won 2/3. Weird stuff tends to happen in this series..how teams play before the series really never seems to be an indication of how they play against the Yankees or vice versa.

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...and we limp cold into Boston.


Now, we're not in horrible shape. We need to just win the series. I don't think either team is going to be swept...


We're going to lose the second game of the doubleheader.

I love your Giants sig :LMAO:

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With Ponson on the mound? You bet yer' ass we're gonna lose, unless we pull out one of those 15-16 run deals.


Well, Ponson lived up to my expectations, but we did put up 14 to get the win. Long fuckin' game to. Think it broke a record.

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