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Joe Judge and DG presser.


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Biggest take aways.


Commited to Engram being part of the team and a key part of the offense.

Talks about youth of the Oline sounds confident in Thomas and Peart as the OTs of the future, but said always need to improve elsewhere on the line. (Does this mean Solder and Zietler are done?)

Talks about new coaching moves and hires. Sale being a high energy coach who is an up and comer. Hiring Flaterhty as a consult to the Oline (built and coached the Oline on 2004 and onwards) Kitchens is now assistant offensive coach. 

Commited to Jones.

Talked about Williams being a leader on and off the field can't see how they keep building a winning team without him.

Team is holding daily zoom meeting and surprised by the voluntary turnout of players to the meetings, guys are already buying into next year.

Looking to learn and grow more as a coach in second year, talked lots about the lessons learned from year one and what he can improve in his second year.


Talks about cap clean up and how they aren't done cutting and free up cap space.

Will look to add pieces in free agency, said the cap is fluid and can be used (I assume he means using next year's massive cap space as well) 

Commited to trying to find more Oline help but also confident in the young guys on the team.

Praises Flaterhty and what he did in the past with the Giants Oline and hopes he can me for Sale as well. 

Hired a former Lions and NE senior personal development into the front office, expected to bring in years of scouting and development experience.

Briefly talked about his future saying he wants to set up the Giants for success for years to come.

All in all same old coach and GM talk but still haven't heard from Judge or DG in a few months. 

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