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Full Abstract Signature tutorial


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I got this from Infinity-effects.com


By a guy name Nemesis...Not me.




Ok so this is my first tutorial so go easy on me :) Okay.. Before you start making this sig you need some good abstract brushes you can find some at www.deviantart.com

Here are the brush sets i used:

Despirited Abstract 2


I suggest you to use these brushes.

Ok, so lets start off!


1.Make a new document. Size you can decide yourself but i'll be using 360x125


2.Fill the background with black.Now your sig should look like this:



3.make a new layer and get brushes and start brushing with white,brush until you have something like this:1brushlayer8np.jpg


4.make a new layer and start brushing with black now. Brush untill you have something you like.I came up with this:2brushlayer9yd.jpg


Note: I used brushes called: despirited asbtract

Note2: you can do more brush layers if you want, i just do these 2 this time.


5.Make new layer, take out brushes now in this step you need nightsky brushes because we are gonna make some shiny stars there.

brush some stars there with white, i came out with this:



6. Now when this is abstract signature so color is very important. So let's give it a nice color.

Okay so go:

Layer->new adjustmen layer->color balance and play around with the settings.These are what i used:

Shadows:+13 0 -31

Midtones:+36 0 -33

Highlights:+30 0 -30


You can put what you like.


This is what i have now:



7.Now we add text in our sig.This is how we make it.Pick a nice font, i used Tiranti Solid LET and type your text what you want it to say.Well let's make a nice little effect there.

Right click your text layer and select blendindg options. Pick Outer glow and leave the outer glow settings to defaults.


8.Right click your text layer and select duplicate layer. Put the duplicated Layer under your original text layer,select the duplicated layer and then go:

Filter->Blur->Motion Blur And put the distance to 100,you can put whatever u want that is just what i used.

Now in this point your sig should look like this:




9. Now add a border like this: make new layer and Pick your rectangular marquee tool and select the hole area like this:



Then right click it and select stroke.make it Inside and 1 pixel



Now you have a cool signature! i hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


Finished product with subtext added:



If you liked this tutorial,please mind

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