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The new CBA.


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Contract last till 2031.

Two extra teams in the playoffs, starting this year...if it actually happens.

17 games in 2021.

Players can smoke as much pot as they want.

More cut of the pie, expected salary cap by 2022 is around 240 million, expect QBs to get paid 40 million a year by then lol

Increase to game day and practice squad sizes by two.

Rookie wage scale going up and also there will be performance based increases, i.e. you have a rookie being paid like a rookie who is playing like an MVP, expect a massive increase to his cap number the year after, no more mooching off of rookie contracts.

More benefits for retired players.

A new position to review and arbitrate suspensions in the NFL, the Commish is no longer judge, jury and executioner.

Cup cake training camps, the number of padded practices are limited to a total of 16.


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