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Giants sign TE Boo Williams


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This is a decent sign if he is over his knee injury. I like these guys that were undrafted free agents, but are sucessful in the NFL. Hopefully he can help us out a bit, if anything he gives us some more depth at least. Shiancoe will now have some competition for the #2 TE job, so maybe this will help him get his ass into gear.

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Yes he was, I think that he even led the league in receptions or something back in 03' or 04'. He was a solid player before he was injured.


Correction, he led the NFC in 2003 with 41 rec for 436yds and 5 TDs

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That's for NFC TEs, I think that's the year that Shockey got injured.


Shockey had 48 receptions when he was injured.


Boo Williams never lead the league in reception, not even for tightends.

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