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Three articles to dissect


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Now with most websites I have copy pasted the article. With Big Blue View I will not out of respect for Ed Valentine. I'll post the link and one paragraph and you should really head there and read the rest.


Odell Beckham: Opposing Defenses Know What Routes Are Coming




It has been pretty apparent for a while now, roughly since early last season, that opposing defenses had the New York Giants offense figured out. Wednesday, Odell Beckham Jr. admitted that cornerbacks from opposing teams are even willing to admit that to him.


Shaun O’Hara Piles On Giants’ Offensive Line





“The one thing that just leaves you scratching your head is the simple aspects of the game. Combination blocks are things that Dave [Diehl] and I were working on in high school. If you’re doing a combination block with your guard or with your tackle you shouldn’t be tripping on each other, you shouldn’t be getting split by a defensive tackle,” O’Hara said. “And we all watched the game and the first two snaps of the game they lose eight yards on two running plays.”

Film Study: How Did D.J. Fluker Do In His First Start As A Giant?

Fluker was added in the “second wave” of free agency this year, after the Los Angeles Chargers opted to not pick up the fifth year option on his rookie contract. The Giants were (reportedly) very high on Fluker in the 2013 draft, and seized upon their chance to pick him up. He only signed a one-year “prove it” deal, but has been stuck behind John Jerry at right guard until now.


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Article 1


Everyone remembers the wonderful defenses of Johnny Lynn and Bill Sheridan. Each one respectively took over after John Fox and Steve Spagnuolo left to become head coaches in their own. Lynn and Sheridan were both ripped by players for the same thing: Same thing we were doing on defense with your predecessor.


Now we have Ben McAdoo calling an offense that hasn't evolved in three years, it has de-evolved. Once again we can get a 12 yr old to run this offense.


Article 2


When does Mike Solari get this corrected? He's on his way to getting fired this season as well.


Article 3


I saw the same things with Fluker out there on the offensive line. He is another player who just used the opportunity to get out there against the Bucs and did a great job. Fluker is light years beyond John Jerry in ability and proved it on the field. Keep Fluker out there!

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