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what's in a name


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Ha...pretty funny. My niece is named Nikita (Nikita Danyle) and we just call her Niki.


In laws should keep their opinions to themselves and let the parents choose the name they want for their child. My ex father-in-law is named Ray and all his legal documents are signed Raymond, but he hasn't been called that his entire life because the mother-in-law (mother of Ray's father) said in the hospital, "that don't look like no Ray, that's a Pete if I ever saw one". He has never been called anything but Pete his entire life because of it. His mother was heartbroken because she loved the name Ray and it was her grandfather's name.


My mother-in-law threw a royal fit when we told her we were naming our son Benjamin. She carried on and on...said, "you can't hang that name on a baby boy, that's an old man's name...blah, blah, blah". I told her basically to go to hell, he's our son and we'll name him what we want regardless of what she wants. Not her kid!!!


Mother-in-laws can be real bitches some times.

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