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Depleted Defensive Backfield - Hope from Diamonds in the Rough


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We have a couple of guys on the practice squad that are one more injury away from getting some playing time on the real team. They may be diamonds in the rough. Not that we want to go there, but the way our guys are going down, there's a good chance one or both could end up getting some playing time before the year is over. Both are green as grass, but apparantly have some talent. And of course, TC prefers to use guys with genuine NFL experience rather than kids cutting their teeth at the Giants expense. Anyway here's the scoop on these guys.


Two cornerbacks


Laron Scott


Georgia Southern standout Laron Scott made a name for himself as an explosive kick returner in college—he actually ran one back 95-yards against eventual BCS Champion Alabama last season.


But given the Giants had to dig deep into their third and fourth string after multiple injuries in the secondary, Scott could be one more injury away from seeing time in the Giants secondary.


Scott spent most of the preseason with the New Orleans Saints, where he ran one kick back 67 yards for a score, before being released and picked up by the Giants a few days ago.

The 5'9", 179-pound Scott should not be ignored at defensive back though. He had a dozen interceptions at Georgia Southern, showing good hands and great vision.


Terrence Frederick


The Giants picked up Texas A&M product Terrence Frederick after he was waived by the Steelers.

Despite his 5'10", 187-pound frame, scouts love that Frederick is not afraid to hit and is comfortable blitzing and mixing it up behind the line.


The defensive back has spunk, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get on the field. His weakness, scouts say, is his cover skills.


Still, the seventh-round draft choice could play some nice nickel back if the Giants injury bug continues to surface and he would be a valuable asset on special teams.

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WTF is up with Hosely? Hamstring? That kid can really play and I hope he's out there again soon.


Hosley has a fucked up hamstring. Hammies can set you back a few weeks. Just takes time to heal itself and you can't overwork it to speed up the process.

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