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Figured out what was best for his family in the 6 weeks that went into the process


Giants are class organizations, Maras and Tisch were all class.


Did not really care to stay in NFC east as he said he was just "picking"


Close to being GB


How things were handled in NY were the deciding factors.


Lots of talent on the defense, defense is there working and learning now, building commraderie, guys are working hard, high standards here. Main focus now is being a champion. Good quality guys on this team.


Bret Favre lobbied for him, made a call, told him he wanted him in GB.Got Lavar emotionally caught up, like the Reggie White thing people said, Lavar says he IS NO WAY NEAR A REGGIE WHITE. Ny the better decision to make, despite the honor of being asked by Favre.


Gvae scouting report on in studio guest Brian Westrbook, says he is well rounded, never realized how quick he was, he is fast. Well rounded back, good hands, hard to defend. Honestly says he compares him to Reggie Bush(bullshit). Says Brian was Eagles MVP in SB year.


Brian says he was the most impact players out there(yes that is the actual quote by Westbrook), at the end of the day Brian says he was the best player out there and many Eagles teammates felt that.


Likes wearing 55, calls himself "Mr Nickels", wore 56 because he was 11 in college, next best thing was 56. Tried to pattern himself after LT and says he by no means is he anywhere near the player LT was.


Workouts with the team are great, hit it hard today with his teammates. Feels great, "like he could run through a wall" endurance being built up.


Showed his guns for the camera as asked by the hosts. Arms are huge. October 8th is circled he said, should be a fun time he says.

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Westbrook is not a bad player. Might be the best player on that offense. Still I like McNabb but he is all hype. He has to start scrambling more because his arm is not that good. He still scares me and I still respect him a great deal. How can you compare Westbrook to Bush? Bush has not played a single pro game. He might be a great player but he can just be all hype or get injured. Westbrook might have better luck on another team.

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