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Pundits, Fans React to Arrington Signing


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Pundits, Fans React to Arrington Signing


April 24, 2006


Vic Carucci, NFL.com

"The Giants’ signing of LaVar Arrington could very well prove to be the single best acquisition in this year’s free-agent market.


Arrington still ranks as one of the most talented linebackers -- and one of the best players at any position -- in the NFL. I have the utmost respect for the job Gregg Williams has done in building a highly successful defense in Washington, and that clearly didn’t require much help from Arrington. But just because Arrington might not have been a good fit for Williams’ highly structured scheme does not mean he is incapable of thriving elsewhere. Frankly, after so much acrimony in his relationship with the Redskins, a change of scenery might just be what Arrington needs to help him regain the difference-making form he displayed earlier in his career.


Arrington means much more to the Giants than a plug for the huge hole they had had at weak-side linebacker. In joining ends Michael Strahan and Osi Umenyiora, and middle linebacker Antonio Pierce, he completes what could very well be the most dominant defensive front in the league. When healthy and focused, Arrington is capable of taking over a game. As a pass-rusher, he relies on an explosive first step that allows him to consistently beat opponents off the snap. Against the run, he has the speed and athleticism to make plays from sideline to sideline and catch runners from behind.


Of course, the Giants were wise to sign him to a contract that is heavy with incentives, and, therefore, protects them in case Arrington’s knee acts up or he again becomes unhappy with his surroundings. Given the structure of the deal, my sense is that Arrington understands he has an excellent opportunity to revitalize his career and whether that happens is going to be mostly up to him.


If it does, this pickup that could easily help swing the balance of power in the NFC East in the direction of the Giants and enhance their chances of being a serious postseason contender in 2006."



Nutty Sack, Sportswrath

"What ever happened to the Giant organization that I knew ?? Where evaluaters and scouts had the conviction to draft the right football player and mold him into a home grown Giant football player ?? Why are we bringing in head cases all of a sudden. First Plax now this. Do you think for one moment this guys going to change his stripes ?? You think he's going to take direction from AP or the coaching staff ??

Get ready for another remake of Mutiny on the Bounty coming to theatres near you this fall !!"



Nosebleed, Sportswrath

"Yes, Nutty, what did happen to this once proud organization??? By week 5, Lavar will be crying about his lack of blitzing in the defense, by week 8 he will be laying next to Shockey on the trainer's table."



Lockhart, Sportswrath

"The Redskin fans are laughing at us - getting excited over signing one of their bench jockeys - they hated losing Pierce to the Giants, but now know where the weak link is on the Giants defense with Arrington in the game - this signing is worse than the Ron dayne, William Joseph, or Barrett Green. The Coaches will be complaining about this guy before August is over.

Arrington, is never in the prpoer position, doesn'tlisten to the coaches and does what he wants. He will be the target for every opposing offense."



Floyd the Barber, Sportswrath

"the weather calls for dark and gloomy skie's here in NY...the same mood that will hover over the NYG lockeroom after all these me-first players see what it is like to be part of something the is fully dependant on a QB who is scared...


it wouldnt matter who the Giants signed, the fate of the team rests upon the shoulders of there QB and his ability/inablity to perform when needed."




"We needed a big, power player to add to our defense and LaVar Arrington is that. He has a presence about him and he makes us a better football team."

- GM Ernie Accorsi

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