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America's Team - 86' Giants


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Was on NFL Network today... I happened to have the station on and hit record on the DVR. This one is going to be taking up space on my DVR for a while. What a great team. Watching it, you can draw a lot of parallels between that team and this team.


One thing Parcells said about Simms stuck out to me... "He was just really an unconquerable guy. No matter what you did to him, no matter what beating he took, he was getting you the next time."


Prior to '86, the media, Giants fans, and even his own head coach doubted him, slammed him, told him he was terrible. He had terrible games, but the Giants would win many times because of the dominating defense and Joe Morris. But Simms believed in himself and he was the key to that '86 Super Bowl win. Does it sound similar to someone else you guys know?


Around the league, the Giants were winning their division, had a strong divisional rival they would have to conquer, and a former Super Bowl winning team with a seemingly unstoppable offense that stood in their way. Today it's not the Redskins and 49ers, it's the Eagles and the Packers. That '86 team started 6-2.


LT, Carson, Banks, Marshall, Martin.


Tuck, JPP, Kiwanuka, Phillips, Webster.


During the program, that '86 team had a game where they really started believing they could win the whole thing. If the Giants don't believe it already, that game can be this week for them. I bELIeve.

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