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Giants 41, Bills 7......what say you


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I stand by this prediction


Despite all the blatthering............ the Giants only have 5 INTS committed and 2 Fumbles all yr long......a couple of those INTs were garbage time and tipped balls


They have caused 8 fumbles and 5 INTs, and lead the league in Strips and Sacks


Fewell knows this team very well and I expect the Giants to accumulate 3-4 Picks, cause 3-4 fumbles and sack this guys 6 plus times.......it will be a masacre. I hope Harvard Boy does not become our 3rd QB victim sent to the X-Ray machine


Eli will finaly break the 500 yd Barrier and Bradshaw will run wild


Obviously the Bills are an improved and very good team.......today they will be decimated.


Today the Giants finally find their stride..........and BTW they will do the same things to Miami and New England :furious:

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I do believe, we are gonna hit Fitzy. We should get into his head and disrupt their timing offense. Right now, I am watching Super Bowl XXV. Maybe Baker and Ingram should be added to your WR Combo list. They were not spectacular but solid. We disrupted that run and shoot of Buffalo, on that day.

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