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What do the Rangers do?


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With Lundqvist? Montoya is playing pretty well in Hartford. Lundqvist is playing great in the Olympics and John Davidson is singing praises about him. I really like this guy. Do they find a way to trade Montoya away for a draft pick or in a package. What does this team do, any thoughts?

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Montoya will not be traded this year, he is still very young and anything can happen. Lundqvist is our goalie, I was at the garden in 2004 for the Ranger draft party with a friend and I left the garden so pissed that we drafted Montoya that was our strongest position interms of youth and propects at the time we had Blackburn and Lundqvist. I wanted us to trade down and take Andrew Ladd,There was also some talk that we would Take Lauri Korpikowski with the 6th pick(we took him with our 19th). If anyone is traded it is Montoya but not this year.

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