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[Preseason] New England Patriots At New York Giants

Mr. P

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Would have been interesting to see what his stats were like without all the drops (including a TD) and the PI on Cruz on what should have been another TD pass early on.

His accuracy was off now and then, but he seems to have the mentality of a good QB. Nothing seems to rattle him and he looks like he is in control of the team when he's in there. I think he'll come along just fine. The experience he is getting is really valuable.


On your other comment about Andrews - man, I agree. What a pickup and Reese got him on the cheap. He looks like he wants to prove himself that he's back to form. I remember when Philadelphia drafted him the same year we got Eli. I thought the Giants should go for Robert Gallery if Eli was gone.....which he was....but then the Giants swapped Rivers and draft picks for Eli. Regardless....I remember thinking we needed a good OT and Gallery was hugely touted (and man what a bust) and Andrews was next in line for top OT. I was angry that Philly got Andrews, but look at how it all turned out....now he's a Giant. A bit of a redemptive moment for all we had to give up to get Eli that year. Worked out perfect! (so far.....fingers crossed)

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