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2008/9 draft


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2008 NY Giants draft


31. Kenny Phillips, FS, Miami

I've had Kenny Phillips going to the Giants for a while. It makes sense - the only significant loss they suffered this offseason was Gibril Wilson. (Pick Grade: A)


63. Terrell Thomas, CB/FS, USC

Giants fans wanted Dan Connor, but Terrell Thomas is a really solid player at a position of need. Another solid draft by Jerry Reese. (Pick Grade: A)


95. Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan

I don't like Mario Manningham as a player or an individual, but there's no argument that he's somewhat of a steal at the bottom of Round 3. (Pick Grade: B)


123. Bryan Kehl, OLB, BYU

A solid strongide linebacker. The Giants don't really need one, but they didn't have many needs to begin with. I guess Mathias Kiwanuka is moving to end? (Pick Grade: A)


165. Jonathan Goff, ILB, Vanderbilt

Inside linebacker isn't a need, but Jonathan Goff is a steal because he was a third-round prospect going into the draft. (Pick Grade: A)


198. Andre' Woodson, QB, Kentucky

It's amazing that the Giants may have landed the best quarterback in this class at pick No. 198. Give Jerry Reese a ton of credit. (Pick Grade: A)


199. Robert Henderson, DE, Southern Miss

Robert Henderson is another prospect whose height is listed at 0'0". I guess Jerry Reese used up all his energy on pick No. 198. (Pick Grade: D)


2009 NFL Draft Picks:


29. Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina

The Giants needed a massive receiver, and they got one. I have some concerns with Hakeem Nicks' work ethic, and I feel as though he should have gone in Round 2. Still, this is a good pick for the Giants because Nicks is a talented prospect and fills a position of dire need. (Pick Grade: B)


45. Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia

Jerry Reese is once again showing us why he's one of the best general managers in the NFL. Clint Sintim, a fringe first-round prospect, fills a huge hole at strongside linebacker. (Pick Grade: A)


60. William Beatty, OT, Connecticut

Grand Theft Draft. There is absolutely no reason William Beatty should have even fallen out of the first round. Perhaps the Lions should study the Giants' draft strategy. (Pick Grade: A)


85. Ramses Barden, WR, Cal Poly-SLO

I'm not crazy about this pick, but it's certainly an intriguing one. Eli Manning asked for large targets going into the draft. Well, his wishes have been answered. (Pick Grade: B)


100. Travis Beckum, TE, Wisconsin

Some much-needed competition for Kevin Boss. Travis Beckum is nice value here. Jerry Reese strikes gold again. (Pick Grade: A)


129. Andre Brown, RB, N.C. State

The new Wind element in New York's running back rotation. Andre Brown is excellent value at the bottom of Round 4. (Pick Grade: A)


151. Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston State

Could the great Andre' Woodson be finished in New York? The Giants have a bunch of solid backup quarterbacks, so I don't quite get this selection. Still, Jerry Reese has a proven track record, so this selection could really pan out. (Pick Grade: D)


200. DeAndre Wright, CB, New Mexico

Corner depth was somewhat of a need for the Giants going into the draft. DeAndre Wright is solid value here. (Pick Grade: B)


238. Stoney Woodson, CB, South Carolina

No value here, but it's the seventh round. (Pick Grade: C)

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a mod should seriously take away jacks thread creating abilities.




your not interested in recent drafts compared to this one..........are you a giants fan?


ohhhhhhhhhhhhh you like that fake opera slimeball wrestling acting spoof crap :rolleyes:


Be a real man watch MMA

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your not interested in recent drafts compared to this one..........are you a giants fan?


ohhhhhhhhhhhhh you like that fake opera slimeball wrestling acting spoof crap :rolleyes:


Be a real man watch MMA


this gives As to players who don't even see the field.

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