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Giants road to XLII


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Sinc the season is over for us. I decided to pop in the glory dice


Some things I notice. Gilfart was still calling the same old plays. Pass on 3 n 1. Stupid screen plays. But those plays cought people by surprice at first. He need to really change it up with some of his X n Os. Also. Jacobs was running like a human train. WTF happen to him???? That power n that passion is gone!!

Toomer was such a big part of the team. Image if we kept him. The leaders he would of brought to all our young WRs.


As for the defense. Boy. We miss strahan. He open up so much holes for everyone else.


Anyone else has the DVD collection ? Post your thoughs.

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I have this set the most amazing thing is our defensive front four actually rushed the qb instead of dropping five yards off the line of scrimmage its amazing a defense that's built to rush the qb actually did. The thing with that playoff run is nobody thought we could, I think we showed a lot of complancency last year

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