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"Ache"man, and Slow Joe Buck


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SLobbering over the great showing of the Boys 2nd team in beaitng the 2nd team of Tenn


Marveling at the laughable "Ludicrous Speed" stupid axx scoreboard in "Cowgirl" Stadium


The stupid thing is incredibly annoying,....way too big, and blocks punts LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ........... Jerry Jones strikes again


said he did it because "they did it at a Celine Dion concert" the old schmuck went to...........Earth- to Jerrry......Celine can't kick em that high dopey.

Hey Jerry now we get to watch you're shocked expression on two screens when we whip your pathetic team- 4000 days and counting with no playoff victories LOL


The fabulous duo then picked the Dawkins-less Eagles to take the NFC East.........LOL We will ace the NFC East this year Troy.....you BOZO

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