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Rookie Camp Day 2

Mr. P

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I try to give you folks everything I see out there in these practice reports, but I can't cover it all. Just too many guys for my two eyes. Plus, sometimes these highlights are merely guys "flashing," as Tom Coughlin likes to say.


Well, after today's practice, Coughlin ran down a few of the guys who have caught his eye. So let's start with that, since he has the benefit of coach's tape and meetings - not to mention it's his opinion, among a few others, that truly counts.


So here are a few guys that have caught Coughlin's eye:


DE Maurice Evans: "He's done pretty well. He had a nice practice againt this morning." (More on Evans' performance below.)


S Sha'reff Rashad: "He's practiced pretty well. He did a couple of good things this morning." (Again, see below.)


LB Kelvin Smith: "The kid from Syracuse, Smith, he's done all right for himself."


TE Cory Boyd: "Boyd yesterday helped us a lot. Boyd practiced well, practiced long. We were losing some guys at that position with cramping and he hung in there and did a nice job and we were able to finish our practice. I was very pleased with what he did." (On this one, see yesterday afternoon's report.)


QB Andre' Woodson: "I think he's taken more charge of the drills and done a pretty good job with that."


And the rest: "There's a lot of people who flash. You get a play and you say, 'Ooh, who's that?' A lot of people have done that."


Also, I mentioned yesterday LB Clint Sintim looked pretty good in his drops. Coughlin backed that up today when he said, "He's a big, strong kid, whether he's rushing or whatever, he's a massive strong guy. We're seeing that. Plus, he's done okay in these coverage drills, too."


On to my thoughts on the morning session:




I didn't see that ball go through your hands, WR Ramses Barden. The morning fog obstructed my view. Hey, you're allowed one per camp. Later, nice kick-out block by Barden on CB Vince Anderson.


I said one: Barden later fumbled when he was stripped by CB Stoney Woodson. This came after he failed to go in motion on one play, drawing the ire of offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride.


WR Hakeem Nicks has big, sure hands. Unfortunately, he didn't use them on one play and tried to body catch. The ball bounced off his chest for a rare drop.


QB Rhett Bomar had WR Bruce Frances open on a 15-yard in cut, but Bomar didn't really step into the throw and it skidded low for an incompletion. I'm actually surprised he was able to get so much on the throw. Still, he needed more. Bomar then fired high on a rollout a few moments later. Bomar then threw behind TE Travis Beckum, who had a shot at a tough catch but couldn't make it.


Coughlin must have seen the same thing on the pass to Frances because he said this of Bomar's motion: "I can see we're going to have to work hard on his momentum going into his throws, especially off to the left. He seems to be really good at being fast and quick on getting the ball out on the underneath and the inside stuff, but the deeper balls to his left side, he's going to have to work on."


Woodson thought he was playing Cover 2 on one play, which would have meant he had the short flat. But right before the snap, secondary coach Peter Giunta told him he had deep quarter on that side (Cover 4). Woodson quickly adjusted, got downfield and knocked the ball out of Frances' hands as he tried to make the catch.


Beckum, who left practice yesterday with cramps, was strong all the way through this morning's practice and caught a few balls on crosses and slants over the middle late in the session.




Here's the breakdown for Evans: He fought through a hold for a sack and later came through clean for another one. And then, another one. Big morning for Mo.


Rashad, who had an INT yesterday, came flying up to make a stop on an end around to WR Shaun Bodiford. He later came downhill to fill a hole on a stretch play. We'll see if he can finish the plays with tackles when the hitting is live, but for now, his run support looks solid.


Nice read to make a stop on a screen play by LB Kenny Ingram.




Woodson had Bodiford open deep but overshot him. On the next play, he had Nicks and didn't see him until late. Still, Nicks had such a cushion between him and Stoney Woodson that the other Woodson was still able to sneak the ball in for a long completion. But then Woodson underthrew TE George Wrighster, allowing LB Andy Romans to recover and knock the ball away. But Wrighster got WIDE open later behind the defense and Woodson didn't miss him on that one. Again, an up-and-down practice for Woodson.




TE/FB E.J. Barthel, a Becton native who attended UMass, nearly took out RBs coach Jerald Ingram on one play and later dropped a duck of a pass from QBs coach Chris Palmer.


S Derek Pegues recorded the second INT of camp when he stepped in front of Beckum to pick off a pass from Woodson. Bit toward the end of practice, WR Daniel Polk got behind Pegues for a deep ball from Bomar.


Fumbled exchange on a handoff between Woodson and RB Andre Hall. Tough to see who was at fault there.


Give DT Jaliem Cuttino credit for a sack on a breakdown in the middle of the offensive line.


LB Kevin Akins sniffed out a screen for Hall and made the stop at the line.




This is one where they give a returner the ball and have him try to juke his way past two guys in the open field. It's an entertaining little drill. Here's what went down:


Ingram stopped Hall on the outside.


Polk slipped his way inside CB DeAndre Wright.


Boyd and Wrighster combined to make a stop.


RB Patrick Allen juked his way inside DE Alex Field and Evans. (Come on, that's not a fair matchup.)


Nice job by Anderson to chase down Frances on the edge.




And finally, never assume anything during rookie camp. Special teams coach Tom Quinn doesn't. "Coach (Thomas) McGaughey will give you the 'go' call," he yelled to the kickoff unit. "That's when you go."


I'm not going until after the second practice, so hang in there with me. One more to go.





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Rookie Mini Camp Day 2: Morning Report


Before I go into a few notes from today’s morning session, I want to give you a quick idea on what to expect. Later today, I’m going to have a complete wrap up of the two-day camp here in the blog. Also our subscribers, look for Part II of our full report this evening (hopefully I’ll get it done a lot earlier than I did last night’s monster write up, which by the way covered 40+ players.)


On Monday at 2Pm ET, I’m hosting a one-hour live chat in which I’ll talk about the mini camp. If you miss the chat, you can read the transcript online. Details will be at insidefootball.com.


Lastly, I once again remind you to not put much stock in the mini camp reports. Booms and Busts are not born in May, so before anyone goes jumping off the deep end because Hakeem Nicks dropped his first pass (which he did this morning), or Travis Beckumhad another relatively quiet practice (which he did), remember it's only May.


TE Travis Beckum and TE Jeff Postell, both of whom had to leave yesterday afternoon’s practice with cramps, were back in the lineup. However, WR Micah Rucker tweaked a hamstring, according to head coach Tom Coughlin, so he didn’t get any work this morning.


Head coach Tom Coughlin named a handful of players who so far have stood out in the three practices conducted, including


DE Maurice Evans (6-2, 264 lbs., Penn State). Had there been live drills, Evans would have easily had two sacks, including one on the very first 11-on-11 drill. I wasn’t sure who his competition was, but I can tell you that he twice dominated the guy by knifing inside through a gap with such speed that by the time the guard realized what was going on, Evans was in the backfield.


S Sha’reff Rashad (6-0, 198 lbs., Central Florida). Signed to a futures contract, Rashad has been on top of his game as far as sniffing out plays, showing good coverage and being in the thick of things. So far in camp, he’s picked off at least one pass, played the run very well, and this morning, he did an excellent job of diagnosing and blowing up an end around.


LB Kelvin Smith (6-2, 240 lbs., Syracuse). Smith is in camp on a tryout basis. I didn’t note anything in particular on him from the morning practice, but suffice to say if the head coach is singling you out without any prompting from the media for doing well, your chances of being invited to training camp are probably good.


QB Andre Woodson. This one, I think, kind of surprised the media, as Woodson, in the 11-on-11 and 7-on-7 passing drills, has not been accurate. However, Coughlin commended him for taking charge of the drills. “I think he’s worked real hard this off-season with Chris (Palmer) hopefully he’s going to have a very good and competitive training camp. I think the next few weeks will say a lot as well.”


Coughlin also confirmed an observation I noted yesterday about QB Rhett Bomar’s throwing motion being a bit unusual. Basically Bomar doesn’t get his body into all of his throws and tends to sling the ball, which yesterday caused me to wonder if the slight drop off in the velocity of his passes was a result of having a tired arm.


Coughlin’s take on Bomar’s throwing motion was as follows: “It’s all arm. I can see we’re going to have to work hard to get his momentum going into his throws, especially off to the left. He seems to be really good and fast at getting the ball out in the underneath and inside stuff, but the deeper balls to his left side he’s going to have to work on.”



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I heard Sinorice Moss is working in the minicamp too - In the cafeteria for the rookies. Hopefully it is a sign of things to come for Mr. "I trip over ghosts" Moss.



dude stop lyin, he cant see over the cafeteria counter


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Moss called Barden and Nicks and wished them luck.


Because in 3 months he's gonna lose his job to them.



a picture of moss and barden would look like an advertisement for the big brother program

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Ha YES!!!! I've accomplished what I set out to do - get everyone back on the Moss hate bandwagon. Jesus the kid pisses me off so bad.


i like moss but its fun to pick on him sometimes

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MAY 9, 2009


Q: Of the three practices you have had, anybody standing out, anybody surprise you?


A: I don’t know about surprises. I think we knew – I think someone asked me about Mo Evans yesterday. He has done pretty well. He had a nice practice again this morning. You look at the (Sha’reff) Rashad kid at safety. I thought he practiced pretty well. He did a couple of good things this morning. The kid from Syracuse, (Kelvin) Smith, he has done alright for himself. (Cody) Boyd helped us a lot yesterday. He practiced well, he practiced long. We were losing some guys at that position with cramping and heat. He hung in there and did a nice job and we were able to finish our practice. So I was very pleased with what he did. Andre Woodson has had – I think he has taken more charge of the drills and done a pretty job with that. There are guys that are doing okay. There are a lot of people that flash. You get a play and you say, ‘Oh, who is that?’ A lot of people have done that.


Q: How about William Beatty?


A: I think he had a little better – as he has gotten more of an understanding of what he is supposed to do – I know he had one mental error today but that is expected, really, to a certain extent here. But I thought he has gotten into it and has a smile on his face and worked pretty good. This is what he really needs.


Q: Where is Andre Woodson in terms of his development?


A: I think he has worked real hard this offseason; this winter. He has worked hard with (quarterbacks coach) Chris (Palmer) and hopefully he is going to have a very good, very competitive training camp. I think the next few weeks will say a lot as well.


Q: RE: Rhett Bomar - Does he have a funky delivery? Something looks different.


A: Yeah, it is quick. It is an all-arm kind of thing. I can see that we are really going to have to work hard to get his momentum going into his throws, especially off to the left. He seems to be really good and fast and quick at getting the ball out and the underneath and inside stuff but the deeper balls to his left side he is going to have to work on.


Q: RE: Kenny Ingram – converting from safety to linebacker. Is that mostly just because of size or is that he just did a lot of linebacker type stuff?


A: His size – he has the right size for that spot. So we will take a look at him there.


Q: Is that a tough transition?


A: I think anytime – it couldn’t be any worse than the kid from BC that played corner at 225 or whatever that was. That is a pretty interesting move. It paid off, too.


Q: Re: Bomar – it seems like some of his balls sail.


A: I think so, yeah. As I say, he is flicking the ball and it goes out there for a while but the deeper it has to travel then it seems to lose a little.


Q: How much was Bomar hurt by going back to a different kind of college?


A: He played for two years so I don’t know how you – I wouldn’t be the one to judge that. He is here now, that is the important thing.


Q: Can you see anything from Clint Sintim in these settings?


A: Oh yeah. A big, strong kid. When he is rushing or whatever, he is a massive, strong guy. So we are seeing that. Plus he has been in these coverage drills – he has done okay in these coverage drills, too.


Q: Is he strictly outside in your mind?


A: Right now.


Q: Can he maybe move inside one day?


A: Who knows? Right now we would like to see him learn to play on the outside.


Q: And more strong?


A: Yeah, right now strong, yes.


Q: When you work with a kid like Travis Beckum, I know you had things in mind that you wanted to do with him, but is it too early to even get into those?


A: Oh yeah, he is just lining up at the Y now. He has enough to learn right there. Once he understands that part then we can do some other things. He has been deployed – as you see, we have put him in the out position and the wide position and stuff like that. So there has been a little bit of that but that certainly has not been the objective of this camp.


Q: There was nothing more than cramps yesterday, correct?


A: That was all. He (Beckum) is back out here today.



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Maurice Evans is going to make this team. If he stayed in school, he could have been a first or second round pick next year. He has some past issues at Penn State with getting busted for pot and could make an impact next year.

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