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Just curious. Everybody has a favorite and there's always a few who everyone hates.


For me.....my favorite to watch is Carl Edwards because he'll do crazy things to win like bouncing off a wall at 200 moh to get around a car, but he doesn't purposely crash others. I wish he'd give up Ford and switch to Dodge.....then he'd be my favorite driver since King Richard.


Right now, I root for Kurt Busch, Kasey Kahn, Reed Sorrenson, Elliott Sadler and David Stremme....primarily because they drive MOPARs and I'm a huge MOPAR fan. I wish the Petty team could put together a winning car/driver. My hope is that Kurt Busch wins the championship this year.


I never used to like Tony Stewart, but he's grown on me and the fact that he just didn't feel right driving a Toyota last year and switched teams to get out of it makes me appreciate him even more.


I don't really have feelings one way or the other for Gordon and Johnson. I respect their driving abilities, but don't really care where they finish.


I absolutely despise dirty driving Kyle Busch .....not to mention, he races a Toyota and in my opinion, Toyotas do NOT belong on the NASCAR circuit.

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