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Darius Butler?


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Back in 2005, spring intramurals, there was a track competition at UCONN. I ran in the 100M and 200M events. Darius Butler ran in the comp, against us. Kinda strange at the time... why is a DI scholarship athlete participating in intramurals? I thought the whole point of intramurals was that none of us are good enough to be DI atheletes.


Anyway, Butler dusted all of us in the two races. Wasn't even close. The guy is a freak of an athlete.


Now maybe if we get Edwards in a trade(2nd and 5th round pick), we could draft Butler with the 1st, if he's the best available.


I know people are going to come at me saying we need an LB too, but Butler can also be a potentially great KR and PR.



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