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Citi Field


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I was driving past Citi field from the Whitestone bridge. The new citi field looks like shit from behind the outfield. It is loaded with cheesy looking billboards, worse then minor league outfield walls. I thought it was hard to make something look crappier then Shea, I guess I was wrong.

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I was there last Friday for the exhibition game. There is absolutely nothing shitty about the place at all. In fact its absolutely as fan friendly and aesthetic a looking ballpark as I have ever seen.


As for the ads, yes there are a ton of them, there are a ton nowadays at every park, even the new Yankee stadium, its just the way it is and IMO adds to the old time feel of these places now.


Citifield is a great place to see a ballgame.


The rotunda is amazing.

The entrance in CF is great, it has picnic areas and you can see the old apple and peer into the bullpens of the two teams.

The bridge from right center to RF is another nice touch.

Views on the lower level are good all over, I like the left and center field seats myself(I sat 3rd base side 15 rows back).


I will try and upload some pics I took for you guys to see.

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I was there today and got to walk around some of the restaurants and clubs Citi has,

the place is fucking beautiful...I don't care what anyone says.


I haven't tried it yet, maybe XXI has...but from what I understand (and which my boss agreed)

is that the food is great out in Centerfield...I am working/going to the game on Friday and working

on Saturday...I want to try some of this cuisine out.

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I have not been inside yet, but driving by it from the Whitestone Expressway it looked like a bunch of guys starting posting bills on a construction wall. It looked horrible and trashy... too bad I did not snap a picture of it. I might try tomorrow.

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