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Rough & Tumble- a novel by Mark Bavaro


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I normally don't read books by athletes because they are usually ghost-written pieces of dreck. But since this was a novel by the toughest and most mysterious Giant that I've ever known, I thought I'd give it a shot.


Bavaro writes about what he knows- the main character is an over achieving, body damaged Tight End for the NY Giants. You'll recognize some of the characters. He calls the back up QB "Hoss" based on the fact that he whistled the theme from Bonanza and the star linebacker has a drug problem (gee, who could that be?). Book is centered around a Super Bowl bound season.


So a lot of football, some drugs, some mob-related activity, a good amount of Catholic faith (Golfy, you'll like this part).

I would say a pretty good book overall. Giant thumbs up!

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I was debating about whether I could invest the 1-2 days and not want to open my veins afterward in a lament at the lost time for reading it. But if you say its worth it, then your word is good enough for me Blu.

he's a pretty intelligent and introspective guy underneath the uniform.

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