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The Burress Situation


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By reading this 2 page link written by Serby sounds like Burress may be coming around a bit,

By listening to what his Teammates have to say about him. Now I do not know what the Team rules are but I would surmise to avoid all this Plax should just call every day and talk to Tom. or hey......hire a personal assistant to remind him of his scheduled meetings and appointments . Hell with the Amount of Money He lost this year due to fines I wouldn't mind being his PA for 1/2 that money per year.



then again maybe its just wishful thinking.

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If he can't remember his scheduled meetings and appointments, how is he going to remember the play book? I have mixed feeling on whether to keep him or not, because putting him in does take pressure off the other receivers.


He knows the book ,he knows how to play football. Not everyone is good at keeping themselves personally organized.

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