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Some Good New Regarding Eli


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Eli: Injury is 'nothing major'


Eli Manning says his injury is no big deal.

That’s what he just told Michael Kay on ESPN Radio in New York. He said he went to the hospital for tests today on what Tom Coughlin said was a “chest” injury, and neither the X-Rays nor the MRI showed anything significant.


“Nothing major,” Manning said. “Nothing that’s going to keep me out this week. I’ll be at practice going full speed. Just some soreness. That’s really the major issue.”


Obviously sensing that was something of a vague answer, Kay asked Manning for more specifics.


“Nothing’s broken,” he said. “No sprains. Nothing with the shoulder. It’s all in the left side. I have good movement. I have my strength. I’m really just a little banged up. There’s not a technical word for it, I don’t think. Nothing that should cause anything to my throwing motion at all. It shouldn’t affect anything.”


I guess we’ll see at practice tomorrow.


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great news... Nobody takes bad Giants news/loses harder than me. It literally causes me to lose sleep. I remember the years when big name players of ours were dropping like flies and it was just devestating. I felt the same way about last nights loss, but this might be the quickiest I have "recovered" from it. I am just confident in this group. I know we are going to bounce back next week. I know it!

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