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For the first time this year


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With all the injuries piling up and now Joba prolly out for the season, we are in deep doo doo. Unless A-Rod can put the team on his back which he really hasn't done this year (batting .248 with RISP) I don't know who else can do it.


Mussina is having a great year but Petite has gotten shelled his last two starts. Ponson and theyy bring back Kennedy to replace Rsner but who will replace Joba?


Meanwhile the flipping Rays continue to win. And the dread Sox.

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Not to worry, Tags. We're just playing two hot teams back to back. We're also breaking in a catcher that has to learn our pitching staff and visa versa. Then we can go back to winning on pitching and defense. :ph34r: Of course, you're right if Joba is out for the season. If he's done, we're done. I'm just hoping his ego got bruised a little.

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