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Manny Ramirez Struck Out on Purpose?

Guest StrahansGap

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Guest StrahansGap

If this is true, this might be the beginning of the end of Red-Sox nation. From rotoworld.com:



Former WBZ sports director Bob Lobel said Thursday that Manny Ramirez was fined "a six-figure amount" for his June altercation with Red Sox traveling secretary Jack McCormick.


Lobel went on the suggest that Ramirez may have taken three straight called strikes in a pinch-hit at-bat on July 6 "to send a message" to the Red Sox. "The bat on the shoulder for the three pitches from Mariano Rivera, that was a big [expletive] to the Red Sox after the fine," Lobel said. "I'm just telling you, there are things in the front office that are perceived. I'm saying that there is a strong feeling that that [three-pitch strikeout] was the message to the Red Sox and it's a strong feeling that that's unacceptable."




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