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Congrats Guys

Virginia Giant

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Couple things VG, you have a nice young team there and it seems in what has been Ranger fashion the past 15 years, they can hit.


Seems they gave up a good pitcher to get Hamilton and normally I never like giving up the potential ace for a big bat as I think you can always fins hitters, but that kid can rake and he is a great athlete too. Nice story, even nicer player. I would love him playing here for our rag a muffin bunch.


Kinsler is a real nice player, although his defense needs some work I suspect that will come.


I like the 3Bmen Vozquez as well, makes me wonder if when he is healthy you might want to deal Blalock for some pitching?


Bradley seems to be doing well too, always a tremendous talent.


I love Frank Cottalonotto off the bench in a spot role.


Pitching still seems to be the problem, but the closer seems like he has some potential.


I have to admit, I watched all 18 innings today and I think the Mets let them off the hook with the two ridiculous double plays in the 8th and 9th with the tie and go ahead runners on. Reyes swinging for the fences down 8-5 as the go ahead run and idiot Alomar sending Schneider on Bradleys arm was jus plain stupid and made me wonder if Alomar is actually sabotaging Willies job.


All in all I think your Rangers are headed in the right direction.

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You pretty much nailed everything.



Blalock is moving to first when he comes back, not sure how I feel about that really, Hank has just been broken down for 2 years, the shitty part is that when he's been healthy the last 2 years, he's been hitting as good as he ever has. I can't see Hank staying at first though, it's just a different world between 3rd and first, but Teixeira came up as a 3rd baseman and turned into a gold glove first baseman.


Vasquez is nice, but I'm not convinced he;s the long term answer. Either Hank or vasquez will end up being traded when Chris Shelton gets called up, and imo we'd be dumb to trade Hank since honestly, his value is at an all time low.




As bad defensivly as Kinsler is, I got to see Soriano man second for a couple years, nobody is that bad. lol



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